Services and AchievementsWHAT WE DO

From promotions aimed at the Asian and global markets to "inbound" strategies for the Chubu area (based around Nagoya) and the Shoryudo area, we provide support for one-stop service of multi-lingual localizations. We also support foreign companies with promotion campaigns when looking to enter the Japanese market.


Our Strengths

One-Stop Implementation

From translation into various languages to the creation of multi-lingual websites and SNS content, as well as preliminary research and strategy, we can undertake the production of promotional material for foreign markets on a one-stop basis.

High Level of Specialization

From digital promotion for Japanese companies looking to break into Asian and other world markets, to inbound solutions for foreigners in the Chubu region, we have the specialization required for multi-lingual promotion.

Our Local Partners

Through our partnership with companies and consulting firms across Asia, we produce localized content for each country to suit that country's unique ICT environment and legal requirements.


Fields of Expertise


We provide support for branding across Asian and global markets. With our experience in overseas projects and the know-how of our partners, we can implement an effective promotion campaign, starting with designing the entire project, followed by creating a multi-lingual website, SNS management in multiple languages, and promotional events through one of our partners, a local television station.


We can help with projects to attract foreign travelers. Through our expertise gained from interacting with foreign travelers and analyzing the data we get from these interactions, we have become an authority on foreign visitors to the Chubu region and Nagoya. We make use of this expertise to provide a wide range of "inbound" services, from multi-lingual content and management to the planning of events for foreigners visiting Japan.


Our Services at a Glance

Consultation on investigation and surveys
Consultation on investigation and surveys

  • Consultation on breaking into foreign markets
  • Consultation on inbound support
  • Qualitative surveys (local interviews)
  • Quantitative research (internet surveys)
  • Document research (legal systems and regulations)
  • Retrieval keyword survey
  • Research into rival sites


  • Communication planning
  • Requirement definition
  • Planning of web strategy
  • Content design

Translation / Translation Direction
Translation / Translation Direction

  • Multi-lingual translation
  • Foreign language copywriting


  • Global site creation
  • Infra (server) design
  • SNS content creation (images, movies, drafts)
  • Content localization

Result Analysis
Result Analysis

  • Analysis of multi-lingual sites
  • Analysis of SNS
  • Identification of issues (SEO, localization, etc)

Strategies for Improvement
Strategies for Improvement

  • Drawing up and implementing processes for site improvement
  • Drawing up and implementing processes for improved SNS management
  • Plans for sales and other forms of promotion