Centrip Japan

Inbound Media for the Foreign Visitors in the Chubu and Tokai Area

Administration of Inbound Media Specialized in the Chubu Area

Centrip Japan is a multi-lingual portal site for the foreign visitors around the Chubu area, which started operating in July 2017.  Collaborating with other information media and actual touch points such as a tourist information center, Centrip Japan aims to become the information hub where foreign visitors can get all the information they want about the Chubu area.  Aquaring Global Strategy handles the wide range of works such as planning, designing, interviews, editing, translating, and daily content management for Centrip Japan.

Main Features of Centrip Japan

1. Exploring new inbound businesses around the Chubu area across industries and government and academics.
2. Since we are offering services in four languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai), we cover 70% of the foreign visitors’ needs.
3. We publish articles written by foreign editors living in the area through the eyes of foreigners living in Japan.
4. We deliver not only written content but video content by using the tremendous number of archives provided by CBC television.
5. Our articles are published on our main website, and also provided to foreign OTA (Online Travel Agency) such as C-trip, the largest OTA in Asia.

Background for Launching Centrip Japan

To vitalize the inbound market, the dissemination of information in foreign languages is inevitable.  However, most of the nationwide inbound sites do not provide enough information on the Chubu area.  Furthermore, the inbound sites managed by local government can only offer limited information because of the regulation of the local government and that makes it difficult for the foreign travelers to use the site to get a broad range of information.

To overcome situations like these, Aquaring Global Strategy, as a corporation for helping to build multi-lingual business based around Nagoya, launched Centrip Japan by collaborating with a CBC television and our group company, Aquaring.

Since Aquaring has know-hows on website establishment and CBC television has been collecting the visual information for the Chubu area as a local television station, we are able to take advantage of both companies’ expertise. Also, supported by local networks such as local universities, government, airport and railways, we will keep expanding and updating Centrip Japan.

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