Company Overview WHO WE ARE

Aquaring Global Strategey was established in 2015 as a group company of Aquaring, one of the major web design companies in Nagoya and highly rated for winning the WEBBY AWARDS . Within the group, we act as a leader in multi-lingual website design and digital promotion aimed at foreign markets, and specialize in a range of translation and localization services, including the research and strategy phases.


Connecting Nagoya to the World

The aging population and declining birth rate in Japan, along with the expansion and increasing influence of other Asian economies, mean that foreign markets are more important than ever before to Japanese companies. Furthermore, with an eye on the year 2020, many people are starting to see the potential economic benefits of attracting more foreign visitors to the Chubu (Central Japan) and Nagoya region.

Be it for globally-based promotion or for attracting inbound customers, the correct format and use of language are required to faithfully convey your intended message.

However, up until now many companies have just made a simplified version of their Japanese website, meaning that the real message does not come across. AQUARING Global Strategy was founded on the principle of creating a team which could offer a one-stop service for handling multi-lingual promotion for foreign markets in such a way that the client's message could be faithfully localized, allowing the real meaning of their message to reach their customers. Our vision is to be a "total marketing" company, making use of our considerable experience in web design, research and data analysis to offer a broad range of services from multi-lingual translation to multi-lingual website creation and truly effective promotion for overseas use.


Company Overview

Company Name AQUARING Global Strategy Inc.
Capital 5,000,000 yen.
Executive Structure Representative Director : Nakasaki Ryo
Board Member : Shigemori Sennao
Board Member : Fujii Eichi
Established December 7th, 2015
Location 7th Floor, Sakae Minami Heiwa Building, Sakae 3-19-8 Naka ward, Nagoya 460-0008 JAPAN
TEL 052-249-4400
FAX 052-249-7750


7th Floor, Sakae Minami Heiwa Building, Sakae 3-19-8
Naka ward, Nagoya 460-0008 JAPAN