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Localization of Multi-lingual Tourist Information for the Chubu Area

Inbound Marketing Surveys and Article Creation

We created a customer journey map of the foreign visitors in Japan, and based on it, we formulated the policy to improve the internet access page. When making a customer journey map, we conducted a survey of about 500 foreign travelers in Japan. Since Takayama was found to be one of the most popular travel destinations for foreign visitors, we decided to do more research on Takayama and give more detailed information about it. You can see a part of our coverage on Takayama at "Let's go Takayama," the special page published by Centrair.

Issue: Dealing with the Rising Number of FIT (Foreign Individual Tourist)

Several years have passed since launching the multi-lingual website of Centrair.  The situation for foreign visitors in Japan has changed.

Back when we were creating the content for the website, most of the foreign visitors came to Japan for business purposes, and they usually traveled as a group.  However, in recent years, the number of FIT (Foreign Individual Tourist) has been increasing, and along with it, the content of airport information required by foreign visitors has changed as well. Easier and more accessible transportation information is in urgent need for the individual travelers because they need to find out how to get to their destinations on their own.

Our Approach to This Issue

First of all, we conducted an interview with the management division and did surveys on foreign visitors in Japan in order for us to understand the issues on the website as well as foreign visitors' needs.  As for surveys, we did two-week surveys at the information center at Osu in Nagoya (closed now) and at the Takayama station.  Based on these interviews and surveys, we created a customer journey map and examined where the issue lied.  After formulating the policy for the improvement, we handed it over to Aquaring, our group company, to do the renewal of the website.  Through these surveys and interviews, we found that what the foreign visitors needed most is the information on transportation and sightseeing.  To meet the demands, we utilized "Centrip Japan," an inbound portal site for the foreign visitors in the Chubu area, and worked on sightseeing information enhancement on the Chubu area, centered on Centrair Airport.
The very first project conducted by Centrair and Centrip was on Takayama.  With foreign writers, we went to "Hida Takayama Kyoya," "Funasaka Sake Brewery," "Oyado Yamakyu," "Green Cooking Studio" for the coverage.  You can see our articles at "Let's Go Takayama," a special page offered by Centrair.

Other Works