Conducting On-Site Surveys in Asian Markets and Creating Multi-lingual Content

On-Site Surveys in Foreign Countries and Multi-lingual Content Creations

Based on the interviews with foreign users in Hongkong, Singapore, and Ulaanbaatar, we made a report on management of multi-lingual SNS.  Furthermore, we helped to support creating and managing Facebook content in many foreign countries.   In order to collect and store all the past Facebook information, we established a global branding site in English, Traditional Chinese, and Mongolian.

Issue: Different Views on Vegetables in Different Countries

Views on vegetables and vegetable intake customs vary depending on where you live.  In some countries, people have little knowledge on the good impact regarding vegetable intake, and even when they know vegetables are good for your health, they don't usually drink them as a juice.

When disseminating the information about the characteristics and the good effects on vegetables in multiple languages over multiple countries, a difficult question we faced was the content of information we should provide and also the right time to do so.  We can see the trend and response of each content by using SNS analyzing tools, but we wouldn't understand why this content is highly appreciated in country A, but not in country B.  Thus, the issues still remain when considering creating the policy for the SNS management.

Our Approach to This Issue

As we created multi-lingual Facebook content, we conducted interviews with the regional users at the stores which sell KAGOME vegetable juice in Hongkong, Singapore, and Ulaanbaatar.

Collaborating with the regional agents, we conducted ten-minute interviews for 50 people in every region.  Based on preferences in each country, the views on vegetable intake, brand recognition, and impressions on disseminated Facebook content, along with the result of SNS analyzing tools, we made the policy for the management of the website operation.

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