Ryoguchiya Korekiyo

Localization Support for Use on Centrip Japan Website

Example of Utilizing Inbound Media Services

Japanese Sweets are popular among foreign travelers in Japan.  To meet a rising demand from foreign customers, we launched a special site for introducing seasonal Japanese sweets in English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and Thai.  We rented long established Japanese restaurants such as "Kawabun," "Tsutamo," and "Shofukaku." for the photo shoot to demonstrate our culture and intricacy of Japanese sweets in Nagoya, as being one of the most famous places for Japanese sweets.

Issue: Explaining the Products in Foreign Languages

Ryoguchiya-Korekiyo, with a history of over 380 years, has several corporate-owned chains in Nagoya and retail locations in the department stores as well .  In addition to their specialties, they offer confectioneries that are only available seasonally.  Also, some confectioneries are sold only at our four locations where their menu changes twice a month.  Ryoguchiya-Korekiyo offers a wide variety of Japanese confectioneries. 

Every Japanese confectionery reflects our history and the beauty of Japan, and one of the great things about Japanese confectioneries is that you can enjoy their story and their beauty.  However, since no employees at the store were able to speak foreign languages, they could not explain their products to foreign customers.

Our Approach to This Issue

By reading QR code at the Ryoguchiya-Korekiyo store, you can see the information about seasonal Japanese sweets at the special site, renewed every twice a month. Also, we suggested using "Centrip Japan" which is an inbound portal site for foreign visitors around the Chubu area to manage the multi-lingual website.  Connecting the top pages of both "Ryoguchiya-Korekiyo official site (Japanese site)" and "Centrip Japan" makes it possible for the foreign users to know more about the significance of Ryoguchiya-Korekiyo.

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