Expanding possibilities of climbing activities through digitization

Aiming at providing the sports content that offers the climbers the pleasure of climbing in totally new ways wihtout being bound by existing rules.
WONDERWALL is featured to allow the player to climb on the wall freely in up/down and right/left directions. The climber's motion is visualized interactively through digitization so that the climbing becomes the sports enjoyable for not only the climbers but also the audience.

G mark


"You tag me, I'll tag you".
Win by tagging the climbing wall with paint.

In Rainbows

Boulderers ✕ music.
The visualization of movement and music.


We are working on our next event, and once everything is in place, we'll tell you about it - right here.



AQUARING Inc. is a production company involved in planning, designing and developing digital content, to being new experiences to the world.

For consultation on the implementation of WONDERWALL, please contact us at AQUARING Inc.